Dr. Andrés was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras with a bachelor in sciences, and received the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic from the Palmer College of Chiropractic. After a parachuting accident in the military, Dr. Andrés hurt his back. Other than medication there was little the medical community could provide to help him achieve relief of his pain. In Puerto Rico, Dr. Andrés met a chiropractor who helped him with his pain and by receiving chiropractic care became a healthier person. Since that moment he knew the value of chiropractic, and what it could provide for the lives of others. Dr. Andrés is passionate about healthy living, exercise, and nutrition. Once an avid tri-athlete he has completed various Ironman triathlons and is a 3 time Boston Marathon finisher. “To achieve health we must eat well, think well, and move well.” When all of these come together at one time, we see people achieving the best possible health they can attain.

My experience with chiropractic began when I injured my spine in the military. After graduating from high school I joined the US Army as a private. I wanted to serve my country in the most extreme way so I signed up for the Airborne Infantry. Here I did a lot of marching through the woods with a rifle and a 50 lb pack on my back. I also did a lot of jumping out of airplanes. On one parachuting jump a fellow paratrooper swung into my parachute and deflated it. I free fell 75 ft to the ground. Luckily I was prepared to land so when I hit the ground I did not break any bones. I did however severely injure my right ankle and I hyperextended my spine. As time passed my ankle healed and I no longer had to wear a cast. I eventually regained complete use of my ankle. My spine on the other hand did not recover so easily. What seemed to be the least of my worries became the injury that debilitated me the most. On a particular military exercise in Louisiana, I went to the public phones to place a call home to my parents. I dropped a quarter on the floor, and as I bent over to pick it up my muscles fell into spasm and I became stuck in that bent position. The next morning I was sitting in the medical office where I was given muscle relaxers and steroid injections. They helped me complete the military exercise but from then on my spine was never the same.

After the military, I decided that I wanted to help people with similar spinal conditions just like myself. I just wasn’t sure how exactly. During this time I met a chiropractor who explained to me the importance of getting adjusted and how the body had the power of healing itself. As I began my care with him I realized I began to feel different. I had an urge to eat better and exercise more. Slowly my life began to change into a healthier lifestyle. My chiropractor explained to me that when my spine was aligned my body was better able to function and heal. I knew right away that I wanted to provide for others the same thing my chiropractor provided me. Shortly afterward I graduated from The University of Puerto Rico and I applied to The Palmer College of Chiropractic where I received my degree of Doctor of Chiropractic. Every day I feel privileged for the fact that I am able to serve others as my chiropractor served me.

I would personally like to welcome you to the practice and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help you reach the best health you can possibly achieve.

Qualified as an NRCME doctor, passed my DOT Physical Exam, And 1ualified as a medical examiner for Commercial Drivers on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners I always strive to give the best service you deserve.

Andrés Pérez DC


My name is Rachel Spivey and I am the office manager. I am the wife of Dr. Andres Perez and the mother of our two wonderful children. I have worked in the medical field for over 20 years. I love helping people and working in healthcare allows me to do this. Chiropractic care is important to me because it has helped me and my family so much. I have been in a few car accidents the caused me to have permanent neck and low back issues. So I understand what it feels like to have a bad day because my neck or back is flared up. My children have also enjoyed chiropractic care since they were infants. When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family and friends or getting creative with crafting.